Getting to the heart of target audiences, and connecting with them, is UNO’s creative starting point.

This begins by replacing perceptions and notions with realities and actualities. We do this with a “visual brief” that we call “filtros”, an imagery collage that establishes a project’s visual design direction (much like the creative brief serves as written creative direction).

Building filtros is a collaborative UNO/client exercise. It yields an “art collage” of images mutually selected to reflect the envisioned design direction. We do this to channel individual design viewpoints into a group consensus of visual direction. Descriptive terminology like “cultural,” “authentic” or “contemporary” are relative; they differ in meaning from person to person. Filtros prevents “relative term” mishaps by providing a common client/agency basis of understanding and definition visually in the form of a mutually approved collage.

Collages consist of various group-selected cultural attributes such as colors, arts, traditions, architectures, holidays, foods, heroes, etc. These become the visual filters that we use to guide all creative decisions – our aesthetic “marching orders” of sort. If our concepts don’t pass the filtros test, we go “back to the drawing board” until they do.

The Filtros exercise is invaluable as a creative pre-development step because it:

  • Actively engages clients in the creative process
  • Defines agreed-upon aesthetic direction (facilitates mutual “buy in”)
  • Prevents wasted resources/productivity (design “surprises” can be costly)

With foundational aesthetic filters in place, we swiftly zero in on appropriate strategies, message style(s), and design techniques to exactly resonate with the target.

SpartanNash – Avanza Super Market

Amnistad – Enerchia Health Drink

Target – “Chicano” event branding