la vaquita licuados
Castro Cheese Co., Inc.

Can design for 4 flavors of licuados (milk-based smoothie-like beverage) and accompanying promotion, merchandising and P.O.P.

Introduce novel, non-traditional flavors of the familiar Latino power drink to on-the-go Latino young men (and potential ancillary users).

Various designs were created to appeal to differently acculturated audiences. The common theme, used to emphasize the unique and succulent flavors, is “This is not your grandmother’s licuados.” Spanglish language is cleverly used to appeal specifically to the target audience. The muted earth tone package background implies masculinity and flavors are categorized with bright- palette colors (for instant visibility). “NEW” is prominently displayed in a red bug as a special attractor.

The product line, launched in Houston, Texas, has since expanded distribution to convenience stores throughout the state.
la vaquita licuados