Latino lent season promotion for PepsiCo

Brand: Gamesa
Project: Latino Lent season promotion.
Purpose: Maximize sales during the product’s (crackers) traditional peak sales season (Lent).

  1. Solution: Create an  impossible-to-miss in-store promotional presence:
  2. Introduce an animated character “tuna chef” to represent the customary Lent seafood (typically served on crackers)
  3. Produce 15’ 3D/ P.O.P. aisle-placement cardboard branded boats filled with hundreds of product boxes
  4. Develop all Latino favorite Lenten recipes – all of which utilize saltines or butter crackers
  5. Design three different coupon/recipe booklets as giveaway package inserts
  6. Initiate booklet coupon co-promotions with both internal and external brands


  1. Product unit sales escalated significantly due largely to recipe/booklet demand.
  2. The “tuna Chef” character was so overwhelmingly successful that it was re-used the following year.
UNO Hispanic Branding Designs Promotional Packaging and Displays for Lent Holiday 2009
Press Release:

UNO, an industry-leading Hispanic Branding, packaging, and promotions agency based in Minneapolis, MN announces the launch of Lent/Cuaresma promotional packaging and POS displays for Saladitas GAMESA® across stores nationwide.

Minneapolis, MN, March 04, 2009 –(– GAMESA®, a division of Frito-Lay Inc., granted UNO Hispanic Branding the opportunity to develop a Lent-driven promotional package and POS offering a value-added and emotional connection between Lent and GAMESA® Saladitas. With Lent/Cuaresma season upon us, many Mexican Catholic consumers turn to a more seafood-laden diet. Saltine crackers are a perfect combination and popular choice for traditional dishes and ideal for snacking and dipping.

UNO Hispanic Branding created a bi-lingual violator tagline featuring “La Combinacion Perfecta, Atun y GAMESA® Saladitas ” (The Perfect Combination, Tuna, and GAMESA® Saladitas). Relaying the message is a fun illustration of a fish who made his debut last year as a Red Snapper and this year returns as a Tuna. He reminds the consumer to check the back panel for 1 of 3 collectible Lent-themed recipes. The recipes feature the use of Tuna and GAMESA® Saladitas and were developed by UNO. The seasonal promotion was executed for two different size packages: GAMESA® Saladitas 14.74oz and 18.06oz. Thematic POS designs include 2 displays, one structural pallet display featuring eight ft palm trees and GAMESA® brand along with Tuna-Hero, elevating awareness and creating excitement from quite a distance. The second is smaller, featuring a GAMESA® branded rowboat, perfect for smaller store display areas.

Through this partnership, GAMESA® and UNO’s goal is to increase the use of GAMESA® Saladitas and make Mexican consumers aware that they are a great tasting cracker and ideal to enjoy with authentic Mexican dishes and dips during this Lent/Cuaresma season.

About UNO Hispanic Branding:
UNO ( is a brand strategy and design firm that guides retailers, brand owners, and manufacturers to optimize retail results specifically focusing on the Hispanic consumer market. UNO specializes in food packaging aimed at Hispanic consumers and highly experienced in navigating the regulatory requirements for bilingual nutrition facts and ingredients. With over twenty years of experience, UNO offers a service-oriented approach that is smart and passionate, and an award-winning multi-cultural staff of retail-savvy designers trend consultants and strategists. Principal and Creative Director Luis Fitch is one of the most esteemed and sought-after Hispanic creative directors. He has lead award-winning branding efforts for the top Fortune 500 Companies including SuperTarget, The Schwan Food Company, Frito-Lay, Nash-Finch Company, Kimberly-Clark, Schreiber Foods and La Loma Tamales.