Luis Fitch’s piece “Equality for All” included in Latinx designer exhibition by AIGA in partner with Google Arts & Culture


[MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Sept. 19, 2017]—Luis Fitch’s art piece “Equality for All” (2015) is included in the new online exhibition Across Borders: A Look at the Work of Latinx Designers from the American Institute of Graphic Design (AIGA) in partnership with Google Arts & Culture for their project Latino Cultures in the US. This project is aimed at showcasing how deeply embedded Latino cultures are in American Life; past, and present.


In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month AIGA’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force curated this exhibit with Google Arts & Culture from a selection of AIGA’s design archives, video presentations, biographical essays and designer profiles. These works were chosen due to their ability to portray and highlight the complex and challenging journey many Latinx designers encounter like cultural differences, language barriers, and geographical restraints and in turn transform those experiences into unique perspectives and design applications. “ I’m honored to be apart of this project that so dynamically highlights Latino experiences and how they have permeated this nation’s history and culture”, says Fitch.


Luis Fitch is an international artist, designer, mentor, and entrepreneur. He is currently the co-founder and creative director of UNO Branding, a multicultural branding and design agency. Raised in Tijuana, Mexico Luis moved to the U.S. in 1985 where he later graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in 1990 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


Fitch’s “Equality for All” (2015) is a large mural displayed in the streets of Mexico City. The mural features 3 couples; two men, a man and a woman, and two women displayed in front of a Mexican flag. The mural is representative of Fitch’s style of work: displaying graphic simplicity with a bright, playful and vectorized update to traditional Mexican iconography while addressing Mexican social and political issues.


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