Develop a franchise marketing package for sale to small community banks wishing to communicate directly with the rapidly-emerging non-acculturated Mexican audience, but without the expertise or resources to do so effectively.

Equip small rural community banks with the tools, product mix and training necessary to successfully attract U.S. Mexican customers seeking a secure and inexpensive place to cash checks, wire funds, create credit histories and find financial/other much-needed resources.

Educate target customers to the extensive, exceptionally low-cost/secure financial services and benefits (and additional legal, medical and professional services), to be realized as a Promesa Latina customer.

Program icon:
culturally-credible Guardian Angel to emotionally connect with the target audience and infer altruistic Promesa Latina offerings
360° marketing communications:
Visual brand: name, logo, fonts, colors, imagery, textures, finishes
Environmental components: in-branch positional, navigational and promotional graphics.

Print media: direct mail
Public relations
Advertising: newspaper inserts, radio spots, radio remote events
Digital media: website design
Training: Develop content; educate Hispanic branch managers about the program and how to best sell it

The Aurora, IL bank branch pilot significantly exceeded expectations, signing 500 new Latino accounts in its first month. Resultingly, Promesa Latina launched in additional Illinois branches, as well as community banks in Texas and California – all of which realized a few thousand new Latino accounts.