MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA — In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and his recent McKnight Visual Fellowship award, artist Luis Fitch presents the Pop-Up Cyber Art Gallery Show. Luis Fitch is a multi-disciplined and internationally recognized artist.Señor Fitch is the founder of and the principle designer at UNO Branding, a cross-cultural, strategic visual communication agency located in South Minneapolis. Luis Fitch is also a fine artist, mentor and creative entrepreneur with numerous traditional gallery showing to his name.

On multiculturalism, Mr. Fitch states, “More than ever in the new face of America there is a great opportunity to make art centered primarily in Latino themes with a cross-over appeal.”A Pop-Up Cyber Art Gallery Show utilizes the worldwide-ness of the Internet and social media. This medium provides the artist control of sales with promotion and reach into international markets, while saving the Cyber Attendee the hassle of parking.

The Pop-Up Cyber Art Gallery Show will feature a limited edition of 14 vivid large format (26″W X 37.75″H) screen-printed posters that commemorate and make visual commentary on the Mexican Day of the Dead and the social political situation in Mexico. Attendees are encouraged to browse, share and buy.

The following hashtags will be available for spreading the social cyber word:

#LuisFitchArt  #DayOfTheDead  #Screenprints  #FreeArt   #LatinoArt  #HispanicArt  #UNOBranding


Twitter: @LuisFitchArt

Instagram: LuisFitchArt

Facebook: luis.fitch.uno

The Pop-Up Cyber Art Gallery Show is currently open at www.LuisFitch.com