Project Description

Identity Design for Hmong College Prep Academy

Hmong College Prep Academy is a charter school for Hmong students. Our contemporary design solutions steeped in Hmong culture, art, design, and color that resonated with Hmong families, and students.



Hispanic consumer program brand evolution for General Mills Que Rica Vida

In 1999 Luis Fitch and Carolina Ornelas launched UNO Branding of
Minneapolis to address the growing.
branding. As childhood friends from

integrating the best of both Mexico and the U.S. cultures.
Macys, MTV and Frito Lay. Packaging
the role packaging plays in selling to the Hispanic market.
Is there really something called the Hispanic market?
Puerto Rican, California is Mexican and so on.
language in general– but there are also many differences. At UNO

Hispanics in Florida are generally of Cuban descent. California
is Mexican and the East Coast is Puerto Rican.


Hispanic consumer program brand evolution for General Mills Que Rica Vida

the same for people from Argentina or Puerto Rico or Peru.
diet but each is cooked differently.
package but differentiation can be better accomplished
using social.

Is packaging more or less important to attracting Hispanic consumers?
a brand.

toothpaste has been in Mexican stores for more than 60
years. So.
In cases like Colgate, bilingual language on the package
is pretty much all that is needed.
There are also visual clues. Later generations might be
familiar with the packaging even if they don’t.

however that is achieved— but come from Columbus, OH.
U.S. when marketing to Hispanics. In Canada there are
laws requiring bilingual labels and text.
But in the U.S., even given the growth of the Hispanic.
due to the fact marketing and design people don’t like it because it
clutters things up.