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Our visual tribute to Minnesota’s Latino cross-cultural journey is proudly illustrated in “Hecho in Minnesota: Posters Designed by UNO Branding.” This colorfully elegant poster collection documents the Twin Cities’ decade-long movement toward a cross-cultural landscape. It reflects the evolving fusion of traditional and modern Latino culture in the Midwest.

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Hecho in Minnesota—Posters Designed by UNO Branding
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Hardcover: 96 pages, full color
Publisher: UNO Branding
Editions: 1500
Language: English, Spanish
ISBN-10: 098503730X
ISBN-13: 978-0985037307

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12.2 x 10.2 x 0.5 inches

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Art precisely imitates life in Luis Fitch’s new book, “Hecho in Minnesota: Posters Designed by UNO Branding.” This colorfully elegant poster collection documents the recent Twin Cities’ movement toward a cross-cultural landscape within the last decade. Speaking to both Latinos and Anglos, the works reflect a new American fabric: a fusion of traditional and modern Latino culture in the Midwest. “Hecho in Minnesota” is a tribute to the state’s evolving Latino experience, illustrating a cultural journey from early on, to present-day.

From an emerging local presence to a burgeoning force, Minnesota’s Latino population has grown by 75% since 2010. The result: a rich new culture to share with fellow Minneapolitans, including art, food, celebrations, traditions and values. Much of the poster work centers on cultural institutions celebrated at the Mercado Central – Minneapolis’ Latino merchant collective and cultural nucleus. The posters tell a story through artistry, often with a tinge of wry humor.

As a medium, posters resonate deeply and historically with Latinos.  As an art form, they connect the old with the new and Minnesotans with Latinos. From the quietly nostalgic to the overtly commercial, Mr. Fitch’s posters make a definitive statement about the contemporary Minnesotan Latino lifestyle. The cultural significance and familiarity with this medium make it an ideal communication vehicle for local companies wishing to reach the Latino community – and Mr. Fitch is the ideal poster-maker to craft such commercial messages. As a Mexico native, Hispanic fine art/visual design expert, and prominent Latino community supporter, he is frequently commissioned for poster work by local companies like Target Stores, Mercado Central, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  Several of these posters are showcased in the book.

A forward is written by Ana Luisa Fajer, the Mexican Consul in Minnesota – a testament to the book’s significance. Mexican proverbs also accompany each poster design to give viewer a deeper understanding of the poster’s cultural, historical and political relevance. These sayings are written in both English and Spanish.

While the book’s appeal is universal, the story is uniquely Minnesotan – an acknowledgement to a blending community. In an age when nearly everything is “Made in China,” Mr. Fitch made a concerted effort to launch a book that is “locally grown” – “Hecho in Minnesota.” It was authored, assembled, and printed in Minnesota, making it a collaborative work of the local populace and merchants. It is distributed locally at Minnesota museums and nationally, online, at



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