UNO Branding Creates the New Brand Identity for Aro Lucha.

UNO Branding (UNO) is proud to announce the new branding of Aro Lucha, a Lucha Libre promotion company in time for their first TV pilot event in Nashville, TN.

Aro Lucha is a high-energy and family-friendly Lucha Libre promotion company that focuses on bringing authentic Stars, Characters, and Storylines to their fans through live events, social media and digital content. Rey Mysterio headlined the inaugural event with legendary luchador Konnan as the head writer for the TV pilot.

Creative Director for UNO, Luis Fitch said, “This really was a dream come true branding and design project. Growing up in the mid-70s next door to the Arena Tijuana 72 in Mexico, I would often go and study the Luchadores characters then rush home and create new designs and logos for them.”

Aro Lucha wanted Lucha Libre to be more approachable for U.S. Latinos as well as for the general market, so drawing inspiration from Mexico’s Lucha Libre scene UNO created a “new retro look” for these markets by adding bold contemporary Lucha graphic elements to the traditional form of entertainment.

UNO, based in Minneapolis, MN is a progressive Latino-owned cross-cultural branding and design agency with a diverse client roster, including The Smithsonian Latino Center, Saint Paul Police Department, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods and Tadin Tea and Herbs. The agency specializes in bringing brilliant in-culture ideas and unique creative solutions to projects regarding visual brand identity and design.

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