Product Development / Licensing

UNO currently has over 150 licensed designs that are being used by some the country’s largest manufacturers – for products ranging from textiles to dinnerware to checks. Cross-cultural designs lend themselves to a myriad of markets – from niche to general.  A sampling of our work is displayed here to provide a taste of our wide ranging of cross-cultural portfolio.

As specialists in this type of illustrative product development  work, we are the ideal candidate for your company’s unique, one-of-a-kind retail product development needs. As experts in cross-cultural markets, UNO has exceptional insight and understanding about what does and does not resonate with varying markets.

Black Rooster
Rooster Tableware

checks in the mail
Checks in the mail

Let it bee
Let it bee paper tableware

Garden Flags
Garden flags

Nano Flower
Nano Flower paper tableware

Christmas wrapping paper
Christmas patterns

kid plates
Kids Tableware

New Puebla
New Puebla home