UNO Branding – A strategic cross-cultural design firm. 2017-03-18T05:28:04+00:00

We are a strategic Cross-Cultural Design agency with the ability to design brands that cross over from one culture to another.

Event branding for Cine Latino 2016-11-28T00:47:28+00:00
Latinx branding and package design for Urban Chica 2016-12-13T01:47:41+00:00
Latino-flavored line of nuts package design for Fisher Nuts 2016-11-25T16:27:46+00:00
Latino event branding for Mervyn’s 2016-12-14T15:20:28+00:00
Event branding for Target Chicano tour art exhibit 2016-11-27T20:37:07+00:00
Day of the Dead bread package design for Grupo Bimbo 2017-03-02T03:54:25+00:00
Latino package design refresh for Tadin Tea 2016-12-13T01:43:57+00:00
Latino package design for La Vaquita smoothie 2016-11-29T17:32:35+00:00
Mexican holiday packaging promotion for Gamesa cookies 2016-12-05T20:59:53+00:00
Product development design for Regio tissue paper 2016-12-05T20:59:46+00:00
Pharma bilingual package design for Histiacil 2016-12-05T20:59:47+00:00
Bilingual packaging design update for Aunt Jemima 2016-12-10T03:04:40+00:00
Merchandise shelf presentation for Malt-O-Meal Puerto Rico 2016-12-05T20:59:51+00:00
Cereal package design for Mom’s Best 2017-02-28T15:57:11+00:00
Point-of-Purchase for Target Wine Made Easy 2016-11-27T00:37:52+00:00
Rebranding for Macy’s Marketplace 2016-12-05T20:59:53+00:00
Event branding for Target Outstanding Latina awards 2016-12-14T03:04:53+00:00
Trade show design for Teasdale Foods 2016-12-09T02:30:48+00:00
Retail branding design for Tacos Nachos & Beer 2016-12-16T15:47:30+00:00
Hispanic retail design and communications for Cinco Five 2017-01-12T01:58:19+00:00
Latino retail communications for SpartanNash Avanza Super Market 2016-12-05T20:59:53+00:00
Cross-cultural branding Midtown Global Market 2017-01-10T14:57:08+00:00
Event branding and social media for Festival de las Calaveras 2016-12-17T06:40:04+00:00
Mexican posters promotions for Mercado Central 2016-11-28T01:38:03+00:00
Annual Report and Brochures for Centro Cultural Chicano 2016-12-15T02:00:30+00:00
Annual Report for The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York 2016-12-05T20:59:47+00:00
Graphic design report for Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative 2016-12-03T20:20:05+00:00
Spanish language catalog for Jostens 2016-11-30T01:14:17+00:00
Hispanic advertising print insert for Target Stores 2016-12-10T03:48:03+00:00
Latino art exhibit branding for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts 2016-12-05T20:59:52+00:00
Mexican cheese package design for La Chona Cheese 2016-11-29T16:32:22+00:00
Brochure design for Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative 2016-12-15T02:08:15+00:00
Jumbo Size Limited Edition Screen Print Art by Luis Fitch 2017-01-15T22:22:17+00:00

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